From Fish to Pet Treats

Cryptic? Not really, PURELY FISH are a Cornish based company offering pet treats produced in Cornwall, using almost all of the fish, and only fish fit for human consumption.

With their parent company, Ideal Foods Ltd, already identifying that other than fish fillets/portions from white fish and salmon being used to supply the UK consumer, the majority of the remainder of the fish was generally being wasted.

Ideal Foods wanted to use ‘all of the fish’ and therefore in 2007 set about finding markets. They now successfully export these products worldwide for human consumption. Salmon heads to the Far East, salmon trimmings and frames to Eastern Europe, to name but a few.

With the majority of the team owning pets, they then started to look at how they could develop value added retail products utilizing the same raw materials and passing on the many health benefits of fish consumption to our pets. Thus PURELY FISH was born, a range of fish based pet treats and food for both cats and dogs.

The treats are proving to be successful with both animal lovers and their 4 legged friends and can already be purchased from many pet shops and farm shops throughout Devon and Cornwall.

Karen Scott, Business Development Manager at Purely Fish, speaks passionately on how the treats have been well received and how more and more pet owners are demanding nutritious treats, “because our treats are 100% natural and have many health benefits, to include, healthy joints, skin and coat condition and also contain no allergens, the treats are selling themselves.

“I also believe our story further promotes them and that most people now like to know the provenance of their food and this applies to pet owners too. We are delighted with the results so far and are working on further products to add to our current range of salmon and potato treats, whitefish and potato treats and whitefish skin cubes”.

Sales Director, Jeanette Turpin, added that she was “excited for the full launch into our retail packaging at Pet Fair China in Shanghai in August and at PATS Telford exhibition in September”.

For more information you can go to or contact Karen Scott on 01579 346777.