Our Story

Purely Fish has been developed by a business of animal lovers, and the brand was launched purely by natural evolvement.

From their base in Cornwall, our parent company, Ideal Foods Ltd identified that other than fish fillets/portions from white fish and salmon being used to supply the UK consumer, the remainder of the fish was being wasted. Ideal Foods wanted to use “all of the fish” and therefore set about finding markets. We now successfully export these products worldwide for human consumption. Salmon heads to the Far East, salmon trimmings and frames to Eastern Europe, to name but a few.

However, with the majority of our team owning pets, we then started to look at how we could develop a retail product utilising further these products and passing on the health benefits of fish consumption to our pets. Thus we developed our Purely Fish range of fish treats and pet food for both cats and dogs, using fish fit for human consumption.

Quite simply, our ethos is to “use as much of the fish as possible”.

We now offer a 100% fish based treat range, produced in Cornwall, working with a family run fishing factory, and doing our bit in helping to keep the traditions of fishing alive too, albeit with a twist!

Healthy treats, creating local employment and all at affordable prices, we are proud to offer you Purely Fish!

We hope your pets adore Purely Fish as much as ours!

Our News

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Purely Fish now stocked by Kernow Mill

March 22, 2018 Business 0

Cornish Pet food brand, Purely Fish is delighted to announce that its range of 100% natural pet treats made from fish is now stocked by...

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Purely because we love them!

September 19, 2017 Business 2

Our pets are very much at the heart of a family unit and as such, we want to do the very best by them. With...

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From Fish to Pet Treats

July 6, 2017 Business 2

Cryptic? Not really, PURELY FISH are a Cornish based company offering pet treats produced in Cornwall, using almost all of the fish, and only fish fit for human...

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