Mixed 20g Case 10 x Cod Crunchies for Cats, 10 x Smoked Salmon Snacks for Cats



A mixed case of 20 x 20g treats for cats containing 10 x 20g Cod Crunchies for Cats and 10 x 20g Smoked Salmon Snacks for Cats.

Cod Crunchies for Cats are tasty bite sized cubes made from 100% cod skins.  Baked, not fried these healthy and natural snacks are particularly good for dental health as the rough and crunch of the snack helps to remove plaque from your cats teeth, keeping them clean.

Smoked Salmon Snacks for Cats are made from 100% Smoked Salmon skins that have been baked, not fried.  Our cat snacks are a healthy and delicious snack, rich in naturally occurring Omega 3 oil to benefit skins and coat condition, joint mobility and digestion.  Packed in a handy 20g, single use, pocket sized packet for convenience.

Sold with a SRP Box for each of storage.